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Types of Brass
  Brass basically refers to a yellowish alloy of copper and zinc, which moreover also comprise a little bit amounts of other metals, but generally 67 percent copper and 33 percent zinc. Brass has been.....   
Brass Casting
  Casting is a process by which a molten metal, is introduced in the mold and kept in it to solidify. It is then taken out and made into a fabricated part. Brass Casting is the process of casting the mo..... more...  
Brass Forging
  Forging is the process of shaping metals with the help of plastic deformation and compressive force. Brass Forging is the process of forging the Brass metal. During forging, the brass grain flow cha..... more...  
Brass Polishing
  A process which results in a smooth and shiny surface, of a metal, by the use of some chemicals and rubbing, is known as Polishing. Basically what Polishing does, is that it removes bad elements (oxi..... more...  
Brass Properties
  Due to the capability of brass of being converted into different designs and shapes and its acoustic properties, brass has become one of the preferred item to be used in numerous applications.....   

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